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The Cymbeline Project
Streaming Nov-Dec 2022 


Cymbeline, a rarely performed “problem play” that explores timeless themes of power and agency through a uniquely layered narrative and language, comes to life in a 10-episode transmedia series, The Cymbeline Project, conceived by OSF Artistic Director Nataki Garrett and created by OSF Associate Artistic Director & Director of Innovation and Strategy Scarlett Kim, in collaboration with iconoclastic guest artists hailing from across disciplines and mediums.

The Cymbeline Project interweaves theatrical performance captured from performers’ homes across the country with striking digitally rendered visual layers, creating a hybrid form of collage—part theatre and part film—that resonates with our complex contemporary experience of media.

O! Digital Stage at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

STREAMING in October 2022 


Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 10.06.57 PM.png



by Dominique Morisseau

directed by Nataki Garrett

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

CLOSED October 29th 2022 

"Erika Rose embodies Sara’s power, tenacity, and fear, conveys the sheer athleticism necessary to navigate all the attempts on her life and safety and to fight for agency over not only her life but over self-definition. Morisseau succeeds in presenting this enslaved character as much more than a tragic figure, even employing humor strategically as highly resilient people do.  She wants us to know that enslaved people were more than tragic victims, that they fought back strategically and well."  -Portland Observer

Recently Closed

Erika Rose (L) and Starr Kirkland (R). Photo by Teresa Castracane



By R. Eric Thomas

Directed by Reginald L. Douglas


closed June 2022


" Erika Rose is glorious in this role."

-MD Theater Guide

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